As rainfall continues to pour over homes and commercial buildings all over the Gold Coast, it’s no surprise that many properties are now facing a significant amount of dirt compared to other times of the year. With Mother Nature at full swing and all types of debris affecting your property, you may be just realising how widespread the effects of dirt are, especially when it comes to your solar panels.

Living near the beach

Given the seaside location of the Gold Coast, many properties and their solar panels are exposed to a significant amount of sand that is swept from the beaches. While it may not seem like a significant problem at first, the accumulation of debris can easily hamper the functioning of a standard system by getting particles in its parts, leading to an even bigger problem when it isn’t settled properly.

If you’ve got a property that is closer to the beach, then you’re probably well aware of how difficult it is to stay clean once the rain and wind come into play and make a mess. Beyond cosmetics, however, the greater presence of sand can also hinder the performance of your solar panels between five to ten per cent on average!

How to care for your solar panels

Solar Cleaning Gold Coast

Fortunately, keeping your hard-earned money and intricate systems safe and clean from the perils of sand and wind can be easily done by following simple yet effective spring cleaning tips. In this article, we will share three solar panel cleaning tips that you should consider:

1. Take out everything that’s in the way of sunlight

One of the biggest tasks you should start working on when cleaning your solar panels is the set of potential solar shades that are hindering them from working at full capacity.

Seeing that panels require direct sunlight exposure to work well, having any leaves, branches, or other pieces of debris can easily hinder them from performing optimally. By removing even the smallest hints of shade from the area, you can start your cleaning project off on the right foot and restore optimum function to your system right away!

2. Clean your panels and get rid of the dirt

A common enemy that most solar panel systems face when trying to achieve maximum efficiency and energy savings is the ever-persistent problem of accumulated dirt and soling. This essentially leads to bigger problems when they aren’t sorted out early on.

Although modern solar panel options are self-cleaning in nature, far more good than harm comes from a thorough cleaning. With the help of some soap, warm water, and a soft brush, you can start clearing your panels of any dirt laying around and get back to enjoying unhampered solar savings!

3. Get a solar power system service

As helpful as a thorough cleaning may be when it comes to restoring full functionality, the truth is that even the deepest cleans won’t guarantee 100 per cent optimal results. This is where professional services come into the picture. By calling up your local expert-such as the Gold Coast’s Smart Safe Energy—you’ll have even the smallest specks of dirt cleaned up while fixing any minor issues in your panels right away.

Smart Safe Solar Gold Coast


With the wind, sand, and sun wreaking havoc on the exterior of all properties along the Gold Coast, it’s important to watch out for your solar panel system by making sure it isn’t smothered in dirt. With the help of the three tips mentioned above, you can get right back to the eco-friendly, cost-saving, solar-powered lifestyle you’ve always enjoyed with no more problems!

When it comes to Gold Coast solar power system-related needs, our team at Smart Safe Energy is here for you. We offer professional solar panel servicing and solar panel installation services!


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