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In Australia, one of the most innovative and effective power-saving solutions homes and office buildings alike are looking into is the installation of solar packages. This is due to the high prominence of the sun in their area, particularly in areas such as along the Gold Coast. The common misconception, however, in servicing a solar power solution is they are either too expensive or don’t really amount to any strong investment in the long run.

These solar panel naysayers have made assumptions that are far from the truth about solar panels. Solar packages come in different sizes and can be just the power-saving option you need to save on the operation costs of your business or living costs of your abode.

It’s all about having a general idea about what you can save in the long run with power consumption. It’s also about utilizing the abundance of a natural resource and being a legitimate ally in green energy.

This guide is here to break down what you need to know about solar panel installation before purchasing one for yourself.

Ask Yourself: Why do I need a solar package?

An informed look into the installation of solar panels begins with your expectations as a home or business owner. You have probably been exposed to several solar panels already and have set in your mind that these devices, such as the common 5KW solar power kit, all function the same way.

However, as earlier mentioned, there are different kinds of solar panels and different components that make up every system that is installed. Each part has a different function but generally is suited for saving energy.

Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal

First, you need to look into the two kinds of solar technology: photovoltaic and solar thermal. These refer to the main feature of the solar panel system and how they differ from each other.

Remember that photovoltaic is the technology that allows you to produce your own electricity. On the other hand, solar thermal is able to heat water. Both can help lessen power consumption and vary in use, but most individuals choose photovoltaic over solar thermal.


Another main feature that you need to get acquainted with is the inverter. The inverter converts the direct currents or DCs, which are harnessed by the solar panel into usable electricity. There are two main kinds of inverters called the string inverter and the microinverter. Each inverter has its own pros and cons, and its viability depends on one’s preference.

A string inverter, for instance, is more cost-effective, but its output becomes limited once a few panels are underperforming or exposed to shade. On the other hand, the microinverter is more efficient in harnessing power from all the solar panels but is also more expensive.

Each inverter is tailored for different situations, and its suitability depends on the abundance of sunlight in your area. However, most solar panel users prefer the string inverter over the microinverter.

You need to consider these different components and functions as you look into solar power in the correct way: as an integrated system with different features and benefits. Although there are more preferred options, ultimately, only you can decide which is more energy efficient for your home or business.

Ask them: What comes with solar packages?

Apart from the functions and components that make up the solar panel system, you also need to consider what else comes with your solar package. This helps you to save on the cost of installation to easily transition into solar power.

There are different kinds of solar panel packages, but remember to read into the fine details like the cost of installation, the maintenance cost, the warranty, and what kind of customer service you can expect. All these can definitely rack up the cost of your solar panel purchase, so take note of what’s included and compare among solar panel providers.

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Solar panels can be an expensive investment, but the monthly returns are worth it. Look into the possibility of installing solar panels and redesign your space for saving resources.

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